Friday, September 25, 2009

In the Dungeon with dangerous: notes from Dark Odyssey Summer Camp

He had been in the dungeon before, but never with dangerous. His first experience subbing for Angel left him hungering for just a little more. He got cold, nakkid in the dungeon, strapped to the St Andrew’s Cross. He was shivering, he explained earnestly, that’s why he cried "red."

Arjuna, this sweet earnest loving magnetic dancer man, has been a friend and colleague of mine in the Sacred Sexuality world for years. We trained together to learn to channel sacred erotic energy, and have been on many retreats together. He has held me when I’ve cried about one lover or another, and I have held him when he has been uncertain, confused.

But a dungeon date with Arjuna was breaking entirely new ground.

Arjuna and I were lying on my bed at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, aka, sex camp. We were connecting, cuddling, planning his next descent into sub-space. Our long friendship demanded authenticity from each of us, and we wanted to stretch this power and surrender play into an erotically charged sacred sexual experience.

When in surrender, dangerous totally dissolves. She is Present in her vulnerability. And when in power, dangerous rears her Beast and rides that Beast with almost total abandon.
This is what Arjuna wanted of dangerous…to ride her Beast, riding him. To knit together the submission, the breath, and erotic charge of surrender, and to take Arjuna on that ride.

“Take me where you go” he whispered into my heart, into my eyes, into my gut. Into my Beast.

SHE began to stir within me, this Beast. SHE began to stir and dangerous felt the stirring deep in her gut and lower. Pussy tingling with desire to feel this man’s flesh beneath HER strength. To push this man into real and complete surrender.

SHE takes him by the hand, and leads him to the ladder. SHE has no hesitation. SHE undresses him, this man once called arjuna, SHE pulls his pants down, and leaves them there, part of the submission. SHE blindfolds him with a silk scarf, and binds his cock with yellow silk cord. SHE watches as he resists the binding, and SHE ties his balls as well. SHE uses hemp rope on his wrists, a simple knot, but oh so effective, and secures each wrist to the ladder. He squirms and dangerous lays her body against him on the ladder.

“Do not move,” SHE hisses into his left ear, and his body stills.

In the place between in-breath and out-breath, dangerous coaches this man once called arjuna; where to place his breath, where to place his intention, and they begin this wild ride, this erotic sensation play, this roller coaster of pleasure and pain.

SHE stands behind him, him tied securely on the ladder, his pants around his ankles, sightless, immobile, he waits.

SHE strikes with a sudden fierceness, that first blow. It’s a deerskin flogger, and SHE wields it mightily. It makes a thunderous clap and snap against his flesh, and he is startled, crying out, and SHE reaches out to him again. And again, and again. At times the fingers of the flogger just grazing his shoulders, his gorgeous ass. At times laying into his flesh like a ravenous beast, which of course, SHE is.

He wanted to meet HER, he invited HER in. And he was not disappointed.

There are times when dangerous forces HER to step aside. When dangerous checks on HER boi, caresses his ass so red from HER ministrations. Dangerous rides HER and this thrills dangerous. Dangerous is sweating in her leather and her red fluevogs, her hair loose and wild and free, her cunt filling with desire for this boi, and for HER, the Beast dangerous rides to take this man once called arjuna to this place of surrender and bliss.

Dangerous is breathing him, this boi, through his chakras; breathing him, in-breath, out-breath, and as pain surrenders to pleasure and the breath carries this exquisite pleasure throughout their bodies, SHE steps forward, roughly shoving against dangerous, and dangerous steps aside, smiling at HER, giving way to HER need, HER fury.

SHE pulls the horsetail flogger out, the one that matches HER hair, and lightly soothes his back with it. He purrs against that sensation, he relaxes into it, he surrenders. And SHE stands poised, flogger in her hands, hands high above HER head, gathering the power, allowing the energy to build in HER hands, waiting until he is ready. Waiting until his body wants it, asks for it, demands it, pleads for it. And into that place of want SHE strikes, quickly and powerfully as a black bear, HER claws extended, SHE rakes the horsetail across his back, his shoulders, his butt, his thighs.

He begins to cry, great racking sobs, and SHE is relentless. Dangerous caresses him, breathing him, spreading the energy, but SHE beats him. And he cries.

SHE taps his balls with HER hand, SHE grabs his cock, SHE fucks him with HER thigh as dangerous whispers loving encouragement, words of praise and admiration for this boi, so courageous as to invite HER to play with him.

Please he said, I am cold. SHE suspects he wants to divert attention from his cock, from his balls, but dangerous lovingly pulls up his pants. And SHE takes over again, pushes dangerous aside and bites his shoulder in that sweet vulnerable place just below his scapula, his angel wings, SHE takes his flesh into her teeth and it is all dangerous can do to keep HER from tearing that flesh triumphantly, tearing it from his body in a victorious cry of the warrior goddess SHE is.

But dangerous says no. “No” to HER who does not respond well to no, and dangerous prevails.

And then it is over. Over for dangerous. Over for this man once called arjuna.

As dangerous unties our boi, as she dresses him, as she leads him to a safe quiet place, his friends gather round him, around dangerous as well, and hold them carefully lovingly and tenderly, as dangerous takes him on a journey of breath, whispered instructions, as they breathe, and then the oh so quiet stillness of sub-space. He is drifting contentedly, dangerous drifting as well in the victory of having once again unleashed HER, ridden HER to this power place. The power of HER energy still flowing,

And dangerous turns to him and her intense desire acts freely. Dangerous poises over his face and when he sniffs her, she lowers her cunt onto his eager mouth. He is licking her cunt, sucking her clit. She cums, her squirt running down his face, forming a puddle on the cloth. She is sucking him and nibbling on him and she finds a condom and suddenly is riding him. His cock deep inside her, and dangerous cums again.

Dangerous is beside him, and the others as well: Seelie and Sage and Rascal on top, all kissing and licking and sucking and biting this beautiful man made more beautiful, beatific in fact, from his encounter with HER and they love this man back to Arjuna and he cums at last; a sweet stream of cum, his gift to HER and SHE finally surrenders to his cum, licking it from his cock, from his stomach where he has sprayed it. It is full and thick and white and sweet and oh so warm.

And SHE joined dangerous again and we drifted into that place of nothing and everything.

Later, a sip of water, a few sweet hello kisses, and we gradually disengaged, gathered our things, and returned to my bed, where I held Arjuna and he held me, and we slept together until long past dawn.