Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Busy Night

It was a busy night in the Dungeon...I had just completed a Tantric session with Arjuna. We were in aftercare, and I was fucking him while eating Sage's ripe pussy when I remembered that I had also been invited to hold space for Seelie, while she journeyed into surrender. I said a very rushed yet sincere goodbye, and left the warm nest of Arjuna and Sage to go to Seelie.

Seelie is my friend, my lover's lover, and my sometimes lover. Our relationship is not exactly clear to either of us, but she is special to me. Dear to me. She asked me to be there with her, because she wanted to go very deeply into surrender and wanted to know that I would hold her, and that I would encourage Rascal to take her deeper than he would normally dare to go.

And as I arrived, I found Rascal atop the St Andrew's Cross, flogging Seelie on her back, reddened by the multiple touches with the mooseskin flogger that Rascal favors. I looked at him, "where do you want me?" I mouthed. "Here." He quickly came down from the cross, and placed me in front of Seelie, my back to the cross.

Passers-by gaped. The photographer shot a bunch of stills.

"Seelie, beautiful Seelie. I am here." I took off my top so our breasts were touching. Mine: heavy. Huge dark nipples. Hers: gorgeously assymetrical, nipples that are so firm and so erect that I long to take them into my mouth, and do, while Rascal beats her with his mooseskin flogger. The purple one.

Seelie in her stockings and heels and me barefoot in my leather skirt.

"Make him hurt me" she whispered.

I gave him the hand motion. That one that says bring it on. She needs. She wants. More.

He loves her deeply. I am aware of this, and while it sometimes pains me how very much he loves her, I support him in this love as best I can. His love for her sometimes keeps him from taking her as deeply as she wants to go into the surrender to pain. Ergo the invitation to me. Hold space for me, help him take me where I need to go.

Some know the exquisite surrender, the purging of everything, the presence only of the sensation that some call pain. Those of us who know this intimately know what she wanted. What she needed.

Come on Rascal, bring it on. This is what she requires of you now. Serve this goddess, this Goddess as she shows up for you here. Shows up in willing surrender to your arm, your will, your mooseskin flogger.

And she is crying, but not quite there. ‘More’ I motion. More.

"Seelie," he whispers, " I have a surprise for you."

And out it comes, a cane. Bamboo. Flexible and thin. He lightly taps her. Too light I think, but she reacts instantly, reflexively. Pulls back, jukes.

"Sweet Seelie, Stand there. Take it."

"Don't flinch. Yes. Relax into this sensation."

"Yes, breathe it in. Yes, you can take this."

"Brave grrl. Oh you are so beautiful."

Each time he strikes her, I love her. "Yes yes yes," I coo, "this is for you. How beautiful you are! Oh yes, so beautiful, so lovely. Here just for you."

After 10 or so strikes, he stops to stroke her. He is loving with her. And we whisper into her ears, words of love and acceptance, and appreciation. And she collapses against me, finally empty.

We gently untie her, and lead her to the space we've prepared for her. A soft cushion. A blanket. We spoon her, hold her, kiss her, appreciate her.

"Oh beautiful grrl. Oh Beautiful Seelie."

Water, and eventually a chocolate. She sits up and we gather our things. We lay in their great bed, and as her breathing deepens, as she drifts into sleep, I kiss Rascal, and slip away, go to my own bed. And welcome sleep to join me on my pillow, dreams to crawl in with me under the covers. Drifting into Yes.