Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Poet Surrenders

We were entwined in the aftermath of loving, drifting in our post-orgasmic state.
Beyond thought. Beyond thinking. Beyond.

In this long-distance affair, we are hungry when we are together. The Poet has had his dick in my cunt numerous times already today, and I am drowsy, content. He hasn't ejaculated yet, although he's come many times. I graze my fingers over his back as we lay side by side, breathing together, barely speaking.

The sheets are a delicious tangle of red and purple. The Princess’ specialty is creating love nests for The Poet and his lover du jour, and she has really outdone herself tonight. There’s a fire in the fireplace, roses in a crystal vase, oranges from her fruit trees. Niyaz on the stereo, wine from Napa, Pellegrino on ice.
The Princess doesn’t play, but she loves to watch. She has draped the Love Nest with beautiful fabrics in a cacophony of colors; gold trimmed saris from India, blue and white batiks from Java, sheer fabrics hand-painted with glitter, laces from yard sales, and gauze from JoAnne’s. She peeks out from behind these cloths like an imp, a pixie, a Fairy Princess. She does not wish to intrude, simply to observe.
What is it that gives her Pleasure? Watching The Poet satisfy the lover? Watching the lover satisfy The Poet? Does she imagine herself in either role? I do not know. I only know that she watches and that she is happy.

I toy with The Poet’s ass as we drift in that nothing and everything space. He shivers and I begin to touch him with more intention. Not harder, not firmer, not looking to do anything to him, simply aware that he is receiving Pleasure from my fingers. We are face to face, eye gazing, breathing together in the Tantric Way. I am holding the male breath, into my cunt and out my heart, and he holds the feminine, into his heart and out his cock. We are deep in this space together. This space of heightening Pleasure, just when I thought I was done.

He whispers to me, “i want to be your Slut.”

I know what he wants but I ask anyway. I want him say it. “What do you want?”

“i want you to fuck me, i want you to fuck me. i want to be your Slut.”

I take this request in. We have not played this way before, and I know he’s never had anything bigger than my finger in his ass. It’s been his fantasy, I see it in his eyes. His need nakkid in his eyes. I would not deny this man I love.

I command his total attention as I reach into my toy bag and pull out my harness. I do not permit him to break contact with my eyes. He is shaking with his desire.

I choose the smaller of my dicks. The blue one. A condom on my dick and my dick in the Harness. Lube on me, lube on him. All the while in eye to eye touch, breathing in and out with this beautiful man who is about to surrender to my male. This man who is discovering his woman.

I hover over him as he lays on his back, legs in the air like a grrl, I find his sweet spot and place my dick right at the opening.

“Do you want it? Do you want my dick in your ass? Do you want my dick?”

In answer to my whispers, he begins moving rocking urgently begging, “please please fuck me.”

And my dick begins to enter him. His movements become fast and furious. I slow him, “breath with me,” I murmur, and as we breathe together, my dick slides in. Smoothly. One motion, to the second sphincter, and we breathe together. Then I glide in the rest of the way. I am deep inside him now. We are eye to eye, I feel his spasm his Pleasure beginning. His woman totally opening in surrender to Pleasure.

His cock stiffens and I begin to pump him, thrusting slowly at first, then ever so slightly faster. I move him around, he is on his left side and his right leg over my shoulder. I am on my knees his ass high in the air. His hand pumping his cock, until I stop him. Let the Pleasure fill you first, I command. Pleasure, Pleasure. Only Pleasure.

I move behind him, Each time we separate, he utters a little cry. It sounds like "don’t leave me," and I come back to him. He is so open now, I shove in. Hard. And pound his sweet ass with my dick, until he is thrashing on me.

And I grab his cock and hand fuck him while my dick ass fucks him. “Come to me, darling,” I coo. “Come, release into your Pleasure. Cum.”

He finally ejaculates, full rich thick white. It flies onto my hands, his belly, the red and purple sheets.

And in his release, he cries. Weeping, his shoulders shaking and sobbing and it touches a tender place in me. I praise him. I love him, I cradle him in my arms, I spoon him, I feed him his cum off my fingers. I hold him gently in this sacred moment. The moment where The Poet discovered his vulva.

The Princess has been peeking. She creeps in and curls in front of him, me behind him. My dick between his cheeks, his hand on her breast. And together we hold this tender woman man until she sleeps. Tangled in red and purple sheets. Beyond thought. Beyond thinking.