Friday, May 1, 2009

A Woman called Dangerous

What more should be said of Dangerous?

Women equally love Dangerous, and fear her. Women long to be Dangerous, and judge her simultaneously.
The same could be said of men.
And is certainly true of the author of this hymn. This adulation of Dangerous.

Dangerous has red hair, the kind of red hair that called to the stake in centuries past. Her hair is noticeable in the shade of forest and clouds and trees, but it is in the sun that her hair ignites. Her hair burning down her back reaching to her knees, so that the fool may mistake it for real fire and run for water in order to save her. To save Dangerous from her flaming red hair.

She does not walk so much as slither, does not slither so much as smolder. While angelic women sparkle and playful women dance, Dangerous oozes, radiating her sex like heat from pavement in early March, unexpected and oh so very dangerous.

Her body is full and ripe and inviting. Her glance strong, confident and mischievous. Her smile claims secrets she will never reveal.

All her lovers have hidden photographs of Dangerous’ breasts. The drunken fools who have known her for a long time have yellowed snapshots, from real film, the edges frayed from too much handling.

Her nipples swollen from the kisses of her other lovers, and your bite marks decorate her body like wanton jewelry. Her surrender in each moment is complete, and she wears the whiplash marks from your single-tail with pride.

Her ass is round and inviting as she lowers it over your face. You may smell, she whispers, but you may not eat. She drips into your mouth, and she dances her ass her cunt over your face.

She is as tasty as she is beautiful. She pisses on you, gifts you the bitterness the sweetness the longing of her. This is your reward. Longing and a sniff; if she favors you, you may lick. Her flavor the sweet honey of pleasures past.

Her pussy resembles a lioness in full heat. She will open to you, each petal with its own life and fragrance. Damp, moist, dripping wet, she invites you to fill her. Her desire is powerful, intense, compelling. Deny her or come to her. It makes no difference. Whatever you decide will be your peril.

Dangerous teases boy into man late at night, while you sleep in sweet unknowing. He will seek Dangerous for the rest of his life, and if fate toys with him, he will meet her. It will be his last rational moment.

Madmen have their own tales of the search for Dangerous.

She will give you anything. But be careful, she will give you exactly what you ask. You may not get it in the way or in the time that you hoped for. You may not want it once you get it. But you will be changed forever by the encounter.

She will leave before you are ready. Guaranteed. The lucky ones she has loved will guard their memories like stolen diamonds.

There is a reason she is called Dangerous.
And Beware.