Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Three Way with Adonis

We met at Summer Camp. No, not the YMCA day camp you attended when you were 8. Not the sleepover camp of your early adolescence, where you and your new best friend snuck out at night to paddle silently to the Boys Camp across the lake. And it’s not the camp where you were a counselor when you were 18 -- that year you were sent home for being a bad influence on the kiddies.

No this Summer Camp was one of wanton disregard for such small things as curfew, and street-ready clothing, and prohibitions against pissing outside. On your friends.

This Summer Camp was peopled by leather wearing sadists, and bois who will shine your shoes, if you ask their Daddy. And men who line up for the gang-bang, fluffed by a famous pornstar, and gorgeous women suspended in trees. The sex lounges are full of sweaty bodies, and you can watch or play. And trannys dressed so fine they outshine the sun goddess, and it is Summer Camp.

Summer Camp where most of the sports involve blood, or whips, or ropes made of hemp, or flame or floggers. Where the zoo contains very pettable ponies, and Power is met with Surrender. Where sissy bois serve coffee and bourbon, and your cabinmate may wake up in your bed. Where the dungeon is a 24 hour affair, and the blinding rhythms spun by the best dressed DJ on earth rock your world.

I was fucking Rascal outside by the pool, wearing my gorgeous strap on (Leather By Danny) and my double header. We were on the Liberator Pad, and had brought the usual supplies…butt lube, Magnum XLs for Rascal and a bottle of wine, some chocolate and strawberries for later. We also had random blankets and pillows, which gradually began to fill up with spectators.

A couple of friends stopped by to compare technique, and to fondle Rascal. I got a lovely kiss from The Beautiful Grrl With The Innocent Smile, and we made a date for later that afternoon.

Adonis strolled by and sat down on a blanket next to us. Adonis is exactly the type of Boi-o Dangerous enjoys. He is tall and slender and blond, and sweet and painfully shy. I longed to touch him, and invited him to play with us. Rascal and me. Adonis was willing, and the juicy wet kisses began.

In that place of ignited sexy energy, it didn’t really matter whose lips were on my lips, whose nipple I was biting or whose dick in my hand, in my mouth. Juicy wet and hot, the consciousness shift, altered as though drugged. My dick in my cunt. My dick in Rascal’s ass. Adonis sucking Rascal’s cock, Rascal sucking Adonis’ cock. His cock in my mouth. My teeth in his chest. Him finally fucking my ass, while I fucked Rascal’s.

Sounds swirling around us all—Adonis murmering, Rascal vibrating, and me “oh!” and “oh!” again.

Dissolving into whose parts were whose. Teeth and lips and sighs and cocks and assholes, and all melting into Pleasure.


And then a nap in the sun. And the admiration of the spectators and the passers-by.

Later we feed each other strawberries and chocolate, and passed wine between our mouths and someone brought us ice cream and we shared that as well.

Then, I gathered my belongings and threw them all on The Liberator and wandered away for my date with The Beautiful Grrl With The Innocent Smile.

My smile was dangerous.