Monday, April 13, 2009

Loving Seelie

A brunette, her eyes are Brown and Green and Gold…definitely not hazel, she looks at her lover through seelie eyes, The Seelie Eyed Grrl.

Her armpits are furry, her legs as well. Her pussy warm and wet and mysterious. She smells of lotus flower petals dropping one by one. She smells of the forest floor near the stream. She smells of May grass freshly mown and of the cool earth in July. She smells of snow, and rain, and violets. She smells of glittering days before. She smells dirty and sweaty and full and ripe. She smells of longing and desire and the semen of her lovers.

She leaves bite marks on my body with her perfect teeth. These marks never fade, and years later will thrill me in the sight of them, each sight of them bringing alive the exquisite agony of her teeth burrowing into my chest, my nipples my armpits my thigh my cunt.

Her breasts are firm and full and hang tantalizingly close to my mouth, always just out of reach. Her nipples puffy, swollen. Her ass is compact and smooth and soft with a dimple on one side. Her ass is often photographed, and it is especially pretty with bright pink handprints of a sound spanking across her cheeks.

She licks my juices from the fingers of our shared lover with a greediness that causes me, Dangerous, to become shy and blush.

Sometimes we play with our lover together, his cock passed between us in an utterly abandoned frenzy of tongues, fingers and occasionally, teeth. When he moans, we smile like conspirators, like children eating stolen peaches. When he cums, we kiss, sharing that amazing gift of our lover. His semen entering us, in that kiss, that kiss that we share.

The Seelie Eyed Grrl and Dangerous.