Sunday, April 5, 2009

Licking Ass in Sordid Hotel Rooms

Every once in a while I meet an asshole. In a world where a cock ring constitutes "dressed for dinner," it would be difficult to miss them.

When I am wildly outta control aroused, that is to say, when I am Dangerous, I like to eat ass. I'm ambivalent really about having my ass eaten. I love a nice rimming and really adore a good ass fuck, but the tongue thrusting in and out doesn't really do it for me. Frankly it is too small for that. But if you like my tongue in and outta your ass, well, we should talk.

The ass I most like to eat belongs to my boifriend, Rascal. Actually I like doing lots of things to Rascal's ass. I will penetrate his asshole with anything I tongue, fingers, vibrators, dildos in strap-ons. Especially, dildos in strap-ons.

Once in a three way with Seelie Eyes, I fucked Rascal's ass with my finger while he fucked her with his bio-dick. I could feel and caress the root of his gorgeous cock as he was pushing in and out of her beautiful and wide open pussy. I was closer than a porn shot. I could smell the smells of their sex, and see her labia contract and relax as she rose to meet him and when she came, I got her juices all over my face.

Wow that was hot.

Oh even better, once when he was fucking DC Dakini, I licked both of their asses like a giant ice cream cone. Up over her rosebud, around her taint, gliding over his balls, his taint, then circling his asshole and back down. Over and over, that same slow languid way, licking and sucking gently, and perhaps not so gently, on his balls, then finally greedily down to her ass again. Then I fucked them both in the ass. Right hand for him, left hand for her (I am careful about things like that). I could feel his dick pounding in her cunt through her ass, and the root of his cock as he moved inside of her. She's the quiet type, and when she came it was sweet really, a big sigh, a spasm. He came with a bit more force, and with my fingers in his ass, I felt the entire thing. It sent me over the edge, and I came, too.

I am not especially the quiet type.

Later DC Dakini and Rascal and I played in the shower. Then we dressed for dinner, me in my leathers, DC Dakini in her girly stuff. What did Rascal wear?

Well, Rascal wore his cock ring, of course.

Aside: Thank you, kinky reader, for your patience when I was ill. Feeling much better now, and planning more tales of Once Upon Dangerous....your feedback welcome!