Friday, February 27, 2009

The Dungeon

He undressed me slowly. So slowly that a small group of spectators started to form, one at a time in the darkened dungeon space. As each garment fell away, He held my eyes in HIS. Commanding me to think only of HIS eyes. Then I was totally unveiled, and HE blindfolded me. There were 5 people watching.

The handcuffs HE chose had fur lining. Such a beautiful contradiction, the warm leather straps and unyielding metal links and sweet comfort of rabbit fur against my skin.

I am lost in sensation.

HE begins to tie my handcuffs to the cross, and I am suddenly instinctively fighting HIM. Knowing what HE plans to do to me with my single-tail nemesis, raises the “Oh No You Don’t” response, and I am scratching, clawing, biting, kicking HIM. I untie one arm as HE ties the other. I pull HIS hair. I do not submit. I am a cat, a large fighting cat, my lips pulled back, my teeth exposed, I will kill this fucking HIM who attempts to subdue me. HE grabs my hair, and pulls my head back, way back.

I am feeling very Dangerous.

HE strikes me. Intensely. Hard. No gentle wakening of my skin. No first loving caresses. No fucking ostrich feathers. Just the single tail and the red welt on my back.

It feels as though my skin has been suddenly slashed. I must be bleeding. I feel blood running down my shoulder. I ‘see’ blood dripping down my back.

I breathe into the burn of it. And in that millisecond, my body relaxes. Responds. Opens. Opens to the not-caring if i am bleeding, or if i am not. Opens to the trust of HIS whip. To the surrender of what is. Another lash, and i am suddenly writhing in the Pleasure of the re-programmed sensation.

No Longer Dangerous; i am only Pleasure. Eager for the next whip stroke. HE caresses me with HIS hands and i moan with frustration. i long for the sting the burn the fire.

Whack, my right shoulder. Whack, my left shoulder. Whack somewhere, anywhere, just please do not stop.

Please, i whisper.

Thud on my butt. Sting on my butt. Blood rolls down my body. Painted in blood, dripping in blood.

Please, i whisper.

HE expertly wraps to my yoni from my butt, and i cum. HE drinks me in, gulps my squirt, face buried in my pussy, and i continue riding this incredible long Pleasure wave, surfing, shooting the tube. Wrapped in Pleasure, permeated with Pleasure. All is Pleasure.

Pleasure, and his tongue, lapping at my clit. Then i am untied, and gently lowered to the mat. He holds me, admires the welts on my breasts, thighs, butt. The welts he put there, when he was HE.

The welts He put there when I was i.

In the shadow of Pleasure, we sleep, spooning until long past dawn.